Create a Free Website

Simple point-and-click functionality for all skill levels
Secure registration and payment processing
Interactive dashboard for donation tracking, team management and more

Manage Participants and Volunteers

Organize and combine teams
Assign tasks for volunteers
Direct teams to available holes on the course

Streamline Event Check-In

Send personalized QR codes for easy check-in
Check in right from your mobile device
Print out reports for manual check-in

Build a Community

Send and receive updates to and from participants
Invite participants to promote event and invite others
Share event link via social media
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How We Help You

At EventEase, our mission is to offer a golf management platform that makes the event planning of charity events easier for thousands of coordinators. As event coordinators and participants of golf tournaments ourselves, we know all too well how difficult the tournament planning process can be. From planning to donation tracking to looking ahead at your next event, we’ve got you covered.

We Give to Your Cause

We are a social enterprise empowering charities and fundraisers to promote, manage and accept more donations for their golf events with our help. Unlike any other golf management platform on the market, we vow to donate a percentage of all registration fees back to your charity. We know how hard you work to raise funds for a great cause and we’re excited to be a part of it.

EventEase Charity Image